Shaking Heaven and Earth

Dennis Reanier Revival Cry
Dennis Reanier, Revival Cry

Dennis Reanier is an apostolic leader with a prophetic voice to empower this generation to release the creativity of the Kingdom of God within them.  As the founder of the Apostolic Resource Center, Revival Cry Ministries, and LOFT, Dennis continues to activate countless people internationally through impartation to stir revival, reformation, and revolution in preparation of the emerging agenda of the end time harvest.

Dennis and his wife, Tammi reside in Bozeman, Montana with their four daughters, Jordan, Raegan, Naomi, and Josie.

On this episode of Everlasting Love TV, Dennis Reanier joins Patricia King to share about the importance of the supernatural in the lives of modern-day Christians.

Patricia King Everlasting Love Dennis Reanier Shaking Heaven and Earth

God Answers For This Hour

Mark Chironna Ministries
Dr. Mark Chironna, Mark Chironna Ministries

Dr. Mark J. Chironna is uniquely gifted to train, mobilize, and ignite transformation in God’s people.  He is a clear voice for the 21st century that resonates throughout our global society with the cause of Christ and the message of His Kingdom.

On this episode of Everlasting Love, prophet Mark Chironna joins Patricia King to talk about the times we are living in and how we can not only survive but thrive.

Patricia King Everlasting Love Mark Chironna God's Answers For This Hour

From Wall Street to Death Row

Dale Recinella I Was In Prison
Dale Recinella, Catholic Correctional Chaplain

Dale Recinella was one of the best Wall Street closers in Florida, a talented finance lawyer. But that was until he contracted a deadly virus, encountering Jesus, and was redirected into another path.  He is now a Catholic Correctional Chaplain with Florida’s Death Row and Solitary Confinement.  Dale Recinella went from handing billions of dollars to ministering to prisons after a near-death encounter with Jesus.

Check out his powerful testimony on this episode of Everlasting Love, as he shares with Patricia King.

Patricia King Everlasting Love From Wall Street to Death Row Dale Recinella

God Encounters

James Goll Encounters Network
James Goll, Encounters Network

With great joy, Dr. James W. Goll has shared Jesus in more than 50 nations, teaching and imparting the power of intercession, prophetic ministry, and life in the Spirit.  He is the President of Encounters Network, the International Director of Prayer Storm, and the Founder of God Encounters Training.

In the spirit of revival and reformation, James desires to facilitate unity in the body of Christ by relational networking among leaders and various streams and backgrounds.  His passion is to “win for the Lamb the rewards of His suffering”.

James Goll joins Patricia King on this episode of Everlasting Love to share about “God Encounters” and how you can set yourself up to have a fresh meeting with God.

Patricia King Everlasting Love God Encounters James Goll

The Afterlife

Kat Kerr
Kat Kerr, Revealing Heaven

Kat Kerr is known for her incredible experiences in the supernatural realm, encountering Heaven regularly.  Kat accepted Jesus at age four, keeping a close relationship with Him ever since.  She has been a licensed minister since 1981 and operated in the prophetic for over 25 years.

Kat Kerr joins Patricia King to give answers about the afterlife, not only from theology, but from personal visits to heaven.

Patricia King Everlasting Love The Afterlife Kat Kerr

The Seer

Barbie Breathitt Headshot breath of the spirit ministries
Barbie Breathitt, Breath of the Spirit Ministries

Dr. Barbie Breathitt is an experienced teacher, published author, prophetic voice, dream interpreter and healing minister.  She has released God’s love, presence, and breath in prisons, hospitals, street, Europe, third world nations, television, radio, and the internet.  Her deepest desire is to see people fulfill their unique destiny here on earth.  Barbie’s training, resources, and personal ministry help others to interpret and apply the direction God gives them through encounters, dreams, and visions.

Barbie Breathitt joins Patricia King to share some profound insights about the seer anointing.

Patricia King Everlasting Love The Seer Barbie Breathitt

Understanding Dreams

Cindy McGill
Cindy McGill

Cindy McGill is the author of What Your Dreams Are Telling You: Unlocking Solutions While You Sleep, written with David Sluka.  Her passion is to help people find their lives’ purpose, receive healing from life’s trauma and live their lives to the fullest.  She travels internationally, teaching on the subject of dreams and dream interpretation.  Cindy also leads “dream teams” using innovative methods to help others discover the hidden meanings behind their dreams and give them a chance to find hope and truth at their point of need.

Cindy McGill joins Patricia King to share stories about some extreme things she has seen the Lord do in extreme places.  She also shares insights into how to use inspired dream interpretation to bring people to Jesus.

Patricia King Everlasting Love Cindy McGill Understanding Dreams

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