Be A Move of God

Scott MacLeod Harvest Sound Provision International
Scott MacLeod, Provision International

Scott MacLeod is an author, songwriter, producer, musician, pastor, and international speaker.  Scott moved from Canada in 1986 to Nashville, TN where he worked in the Christian Music Industry full-time until 1994.  In 2007, Scott and his wife Sarah founded Thunder School, a Creative Arts and Ministry Training school that equips and sends musicianaries all over the world.  Scott also founded the record label Harvest Sound.

Watch this episode of Everlasting Love, as Scott MacLeod shares how easy it is to connect with God’s heart and reach out to see lives impacted and regions changed.

Patricia King Everlasting Love Scott MacLeod Be A Move Of God

Awe of God

Bobby Conner Eagles View Ministries
Bobby Conner, Eagles View Ministries

Having survived a failed abortion attempt and rescued by the hand of God from drug dealing and suicide, Bobby Conner lives in close abiding intimacy with the Spirit of God. For almost five decades, Bobby has been ministering around the world as a seasoned prophet.  His prophetic words are documented world-over for their precision, accuracy, humor, and transformational power.

In this episode of Everlasting Love, Bobby Conner shares an amazing story of a supernatural visitation where the Lord released a roar into the earth that shook the heavens, and a voice that spoke about the awe of God.

Patricia King Everlasting Love Bobby Conner The Awe of God

Power Of The Prophetic Word

Clarice Fluitt
Clarice Fluitt

Have you ever felt like you were ready to step into your prophetic destiny only to feel stuck, confined or a bit lost in the process of transition?  In this episode of Everlasting Love, Clarice Fluitt shares valuable insights for you!

Dr. Clarice Fluitt has served in Christian ministry since 1971.  Along with her husband, Apostle George Fluitt, Clarice Fluitt is Co-Founder and Co-Pastor of the Eagle’s Nest World Prayer and Training Center established in 1982.  She is also President and Founder of Clarice Fluitt Ministries, founded in 1984.  Bishop Fluitt has established churches and mentoring schools nationally and internationally, proclaiming the Word, Power, and Love of God.

Patricia King Everlasting Love Power Of The Prophetic Word Clarice Fluitt

Why Am I Attacked?

James Goll Encounters Network
James Goll, Encounters Network

Dr. James W. Goll is the President of Encounters Network, the International Director of Prayer Storm, and the Founder of God Encounters Training – an eSchool of the Heart.  With great joy James has shared Jesus in more than 50 nations, teaching and imparting the power of intercession, prophetic ministry, and life in the Spirit.

James Goll joins Patricia to talk about overcoming in the midst of ongoing attacks on health and finances.

Patricia King Everlasting Love James Goll Why Am I Being Attacked

Angelus Temple Stories

Roberts Liardon Ministries
Roberts Liardon, Roberts Liardon Ministries

Roberts Liardon is recognized as one of the leading historians of church history in Pentecostal and Charismatic movements.  Roberts Liardon Ministries is a global ministry that is touching millions of lives with the power of the Holy Spirit!  Reaching across generations, cultures and nations, they raise up positive, like-minded believers who are also dedicated to help reach a dying world for Jesus.

Revival historian Roberts Liardon joins Patricia to discuss a place in America where God moved powerfully again and again in mighty and miraculous ways.

Patricia King Everlasting Love St. Angelus Temple Roberts Liardon

Heaven’s Garden

Headshot Teri Secrest
Teri Secrest

The Bible is full of examples of how God can supernaturally heal, but it also shares great wisdom on how we can walk in divine health.  Teri Secrest recently released her book, “Eating Out of Heaven’s Garden”.  She has been a highly successful entrepreneur for over thirty-five years, becoming one of the top 1% women earners in America today.  She is passionate about helping others fulfill their dreams.

Join Patricia King and guest Teri Secrest on this episode of Everlasting Love.

Patricia King Everlasting Love Heaven's Garden Teri Secrest

Prophets and Prophecy Part 1

Mark Chironna Ministries
Dr. Mark Chironna, Mark Chironna Ministries

Dr. Mark J. Chironna is uniquely gifted to train, mobilize, and ignite transformation in God’s people.  His is a clear voice for the 21st century that resonates throughout our global society with the cause of Christ and the message of His Kingdom.  Dr. Chironna holds multiple advanced degrees in theology and psychology.  He and his wife Ruth are the proud parents of two sons, Matthew and Daniel.

As Mark Chironna and Patricia talk, you’ll hear amazing stories and insights about the gift of prophecy, how the Lord develops that gift within us, and how the prophetic can unlock miracles.

Patricia King Everlasting Love Mark Chironna Prophets And Prophecy

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