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Holy Fire

Stacey Campbell Revival Now
Stacey Campbell, RevivalNOW! Ministries

Wesley and Stacey Campbell live with their five children in Kelowna, B.C., Canada.  They teach at various schools and conferences.  As conference speakers, they have ministered in over 45 nations, laboring to see revival and social justice transform the world.

Stacey Campbell joins Patricia King for this week’s episode of Everlasting Love TV to talk about the Fire of God.  Both Patricia and Stacey are carrying powerful messages about God’s baptism of holy fire that is coming to bless the body of Christ.

Patricia King Everlasting Love Holy Fire Stacey Campbell

Prophetic Surges

Randy DeMain Kingdom Revelation
Randy Demain, Kingdom Revelation

Preaching the gospel for over 30 years, Randy DeMain has served as pastor, teacher and church planter.  For the past several years, he has traveled full time as an Apostolic Revivalist.

Randy regularly conducts harvest and healing crusades, training events, and speaks at conferences worldwide.  His heart is to see the body of Christ operate, not just in word only, but in demonstrations of the Spirit and power.

As Randy joins Patricia on this episode of Everlasting Love, he addresses the following questions: What is a prophetic surge?  What happens when God releases one?  What is the coming greater glory to look like?  As he speaks, a prophetic realm opens up and he and Patricia begin to prophesy!

Patricia King Everlasting Love Randy DeMain Prophetic Surges

Creative Miracles

Tony Kemp Ministries
Tony Kemp, Tony Kemp Ministries

For 40 years, Tony Kemp has preached the Gospel in various denominations and independent churches.  His teachings are rooted and grounded in the revelation of God’s unconditional, unchanging love for us.  His ministry is in prophetic revelation, discipleship, leadership, church government, evangelism and dynamics of the Holy Spirit.  Tony travels extensively with his wife of more than 34 years, Deborah.  Together they enjoy one natural son and many spiritual sons and daughters.

Tony Kemp shares about his heavenly visitation to the “body parts room” in heaven and the revelation the Lord gave him about how to unlock creative miracles in the earth.

Patricia King Everlasting Love Tony Kemp Creative Miracles

Disgrace to Grace

Pat Francis Ministries
Pat Francis, Pat Francis Ministries

Pat Francis Ministries is a Christian non-profit organization based in Toronto, Canada that is touching millions of lives globally. It was established in January 1999 and is registered in Canada, America, South Africa and Jamaica as a charitable organization. It is the Media and Missions arm of Kingdom Covenant Ministries, a vibrant multi-cultural church in Toronto, Canada.

Pat Francis shares a life-changing revelation on this week’s message, about who God chose to be in the genealogy of Christ and why.Patricia King Everlasting Love Pat Francis Disgrace to Grace

Supernatural Weight Loss

Katie Souza Expected End Ministries
Katie Souza, Expected End Ministries

Katie Souza and the Expected End Ministries team teach and equip people how to move in the supernatural and cause the Kingdom of Heaven to manifest on earth.  Through this ministry, thousands of people have experienced physical and emotional healing and have been equipped to fulfill their God given destinies.

Katie Souza joins Patricia King to share powerful revelations about weight issues and how to get free of them.  She also shares amazing testimonies of supernatural weight loss when root soul issues are healed.

Patricia King Everlasting Love Katie Souza Supernatural Weight Loss

A New Breed

Lifestyle Christianity Todd White
Todd White, Lifestyle Christianity

Todd White was a drug addict and atheist for 22 years when in 2004 he was radically set free!  God has simply opened Todd’s eyes to this truth that Holy Spirit wants to flow through every believer everywhere we go; at work, school, grocery stores, malls, gas stations, everywhere.  His heart is activating people into the simplicity of who they really are.

Todd White joins Patricia King to share about how we can all grow into a new level of intimacy with the Lord that will manifest in new levels of miracles, signs, wonders and harvest.

Patricia King Everlasting Love Todd White A New Breed

Women on the Frontlines

Faytene Grasseschi
Faytene Grasseschi

Faytene Grasseschi has been in full time ministry since 1997 and has a burning passion to see believers inspired, trained and released to impact their spheres, cities and nations in a way that brings transformation for the glory of God.  Currently Faytene serves as the Director of TheCRY Movement which has mobilized thousands in mass prayer gatherings in Canada and Hollywood, the Director of MY Canada which leads young adults in addressing the government leaders of Canada, the director of V-Kol Media Ministries, a best-selling author and a seasoned conference speaker.

Faytene Grasseschi and Patricia dialogue about how the Lord is bringing froward women in this hour to the “front lines” of ministry.

Patricia King Everlasting Love Faytene Grasseschi Women on the Frontlines

They Did Not Quit

Roberts Liardon Ministries
Roberts Liardon, Roberts Liardon Ministries

Roberts Liardon is recognized as one of the leading historians of church history in Pentecostal and Charismatic movements.  Roberts Liardon Ministries is a global ministry that is touching millions of lives with the power of the Holy Spirit!  Reaching across generations, cultures and nations, they raise up positive, like-minded believers who are also dedicated to help reach a dying world for Jesus.

Roberts Liardon joins Patricia King to remind us all that no matter what has been, we can finish strong if we simply don’t quit.  He shares powerful stories of revivalists, reformers and other champions of God who made mistakes along the way.

Patricia King Everlasting Love Roberts Liardon They Did Not Quit

In The Midst

Katie Souza Expected End Ministries
Katie Souza, Expected End Ministries

Katie Souza and Expected End Ministries teach and equip people how to move in the supernatural.  Thousands of people have experienced physical and emotional healing and have been equipped to fulfill their God given destinies.

Katie Souza joins Patricia King to share intriguing revelations she believes she has received from the Lord about how we can move through time to see amazing and miraculous things happen.
Patricia King Everlasting Love Katie Souza In The Midst