Quantum Healing

David Van Koevering, Elsewhen Research
David Van Koevering, Elsewhen Research

David Van Koevering is President and Founder of Elsewhen Research, a non-profit corporation committed to serving our culture with scientific information that explains what the Bible claims.  David is a writer, lecturer, motivational speaker, and inventor.  His life’s work has demonstrated his gifts as a visionary, technologist, futurist, and inventor.  David is respected internationally for his thirty-year contribution to developing and marketing advanced technology that has been applied to music and musical instruments.

David truly has proven with his life’s work and success that he understands where yesterday went and where tomorrow comes from.

On this episode of Everlasting Love, Dr. Van Koevering explains the way God created the universe.  As he shares, you will gain an understanding of the “invisible realm” of quantum physics and how it relates to the spirit realm of God.

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